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Setting up the Bender application development environment

Follow these steps to create a Bender application development environment.

1. Download Bender

Download Bender version 0.8.1 and unzip it into any directory.

2. Prepare a Web server (optional)

Since the Bender runtime uses XMLHttpRequest to load components and resources, you may want to serve the Bender runtime and components through a Web server. If you have already installed and set up a Web server, you only have to make sure the Bender directory setup in step 1 above is accessible.

3. Install a RelaxNG validator (optional)

Bender components are saved as XML and their syntax can be checked against a Relax NG grammar found in spec/bender.rng. You may want to install a Relax NG validator such as Jing to validate your content.

After you have completed the setup above, you can check that Bender is running by visiting the URL dev/dom/runtime.svg?href=test/logo.xml in your browser (the URL should be prefixed by the location where Bender was installed.) The Bender logo should appear. Your next step is to go to the tutorial page, which will get your started with Web application development with Bender.